Trash Contract Bids

In February, Borough Council reluctantly approved a $.13 per dwelling unit/quarter or $.52 per dwelling unit/year additional charge in addition to the 2014 rate of $55.98 per quarter/$223.92 per year rates contracted late last year.    This increase is considered a reasonable Pennsylvania Fuel Tax Surcharge to cover the new tax that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has imposed on every gallon of on-road diesel fuel sold effective January 1, 2014.   The new quarterly rate should be $56.11.  Please call Borough Hall at 610-287-7442 should you have any questions.

The Borough of Schwenksville opened Bids for trash and recycling services for 2014-2016 with options for 2017 and 2018. The bid results are available here. The new price for 2014 is $223.92 per year or $55.98 per quarter. This is a significant reduction from the 2013 rate. There should be no additional added on charges, assessments or fees. If your bill does not indicate this rate please call 610-440-3700.  PLEASE NOTE THAT DUMPSTER PRICING IS PER MONTH.

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