Applications for Permits, SALDO, ZHB

As of July 13, 2018, Schwenksville Borough has changed Contractors for Third Party Code Inspection and Plan Review service.  The new provider is Castle Valley Consultants Inc.  All permit applications and requests for inspections should be made by calling Schwenksville Borough at 610-287-7442, visiting Borough Hall at 140 Main Street, Schwenksville PA or by emailing    All questions Should be directed to Gail Phillips or Anne Klepfer at Borough Hall at the number above.    Office Hour will be Thursdays from 9-10 AM by appointment.

The below files are PDFs and will require you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you do not have this program you can download here.

Current Fee Schedules  
Electronic Sign-Usage-_Revised-Fee-Schedule-1 Fees for use of Electronic Sign  Electronic Sign-Usage-_ApplicationForm  Use this form for your message
2019 FEE SCHEDULE      
Communications Facilities Fee Schedule      
Rental Property Permits, Forms & Documents Type of Permit Notes
2019 Rental Unit U&O Application_030119 Use & Occupancy Inspection Required  
Application for additional U&O inspecton Use & Occupancy Required when property does not pass the first inspection  
RENTAL REGISTRATION FORM_Web_LR519 Registration Registration required to verify occupancy of property  
Change of Tenancy Notification_Web Registration Used to Keep Contacts Up-to-date and for Earned Income Tax  
COMMERCIAL CHANGE IN TENANT OR USE Use * Occupancy Inspection Required  
Property Sales Permits Type of Permit Notes  
Residential Property Transfer Application Use & Occupancy Inspection Required
Application for additional U&O inspecton Use & Occupancy Required when property does not pass the first inspection
TEMPORARY OCCUPANCY PERMIT Use & Occupancy Required if some of the Repairs are to be completed after settlement
2019 Commercial Property Sale/Transfer Application UCCC for Use & Occupancy Inspection Required
Private Sewer Lateral Inspection Form 2016 Borough Ordinance Application made to Schwenksville Water & Sewer Authority, required by Borough Ordinance
SBA-Privae Sewer Lateral Repair Report 2016 Borough Ordinance Required by Schwenksville Borough Ordinance
Zoning Permits & Documents Zoning Notes  
COMMERCIAL CHANGE IN TENANT OR USE Zoning The new use of the space is reviewed for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance ; and an Inspection is performed.
Zoning Permit Application Zoning New Uses, Accessory Uses, Accessory Structures, new structures; other
ZONING SAMPLE SITE (Plot) Plan for Zoning Permit Zoning NA Sample document
Current Zoning Map Zoning NA Map
Sign Application for Certificate of Zoning Compliance Zoning Prior to purchasing a sign, the sign Permit be applied for to determine compliance with the zoning ordinance.
2019 FENCE PERMIT PDF Zoning Up to but Not on a property line; maximum height 6’; no fences in front yard setback
Zoning Appeal Application Zoning Use for Zoning Appeals and Requests for Variances
Conditional Use Application Zoning For Uses only permitted by Conditional use Approval
Solicitors/Peddler’s Permit Application Zoning For anyone doing door to door sales in the Borough
Building Permits/Construction Uniform Construction Coed For all New Construction, renovations or demolition
June2019_Construction Permit Application

Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage Information

UCC Application For all new construction, plumbing, mechanical or electrical renovations or demolition  
Re-Roof Permit Application UCC Repair/Replace  
Swimming Pool Permit UCC  
Application to replace or install Sidewalk, Curbing, driveway apron UCC Repair or Replace  
Road Opening_R-O_W Application Right –of-way Management Mostly USED by Utilities doing work in R-O-W  
Stormwater Management Application For all DEP Regulated Activities All Earth moving, Construction, Paving Activities must Apply  
LAND DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS Subdivision & Land Development Planning Review Applications  
Subdivision & Land Development Application SALDO Ordinance Compliance For Subdivision or Non-residential   Development of Land or Re-Development  
Montgomery County Municiple Request For Review ACT 247 Review All SALDO Applications  
Schwenksville Meadow Park Pavilion Reservation Park Reservation Form  







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