Code Enforcement, Building & Zoning

Code Enforcement entails administration, interpretation and enforcement of the Borough’s Codified Code which includes all of the Ordinances adopted by the Borough to regulate activity in the Borough.  The Codes most frequently referenced include the Zoning Ordinance, the Building Code Ordinance, The Property Maintenance Code Ordinance, the Rental Registration Ordinance, the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, and the Stormwater Management Ordinance.

Zoning Permits

Zoning Permits are required for residential and commercial properties for construction such as adding or extending a deck, fence, addition, shed, accessory building, porch, sign, etc. or  changes is in use or occupancy.
  • No building shall be constructed or altered in the Borough or the use of any building changed, nor vacant land occupied until a zoning permit is secured from the Zoning Officer.
  • Hereafter, no structure erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered, extended or moved, and no land or building changed in use, ownership or tenancy under a zoning permit, shall be occupied or used in whole or in part for any use whatsoever, until the owner and authorized agent has been issued a certificate of occupancy by the Zoning Officer, indicating that the building or use complies with the terms of zoning as provided in this chapter.
  • Any erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration or moving of a building or other structure, including a sign authorized by a zoning permit, shall be commenced, and any change in use of a building or land authorized by a zoning permit shall be undertaken, within one year after the date of issuance of the permit.  If not, the permit shall be considered null and void. However, in case of erection or construction of a building, the right to proceed with construction may be extended annually without additional fees for an aggregate period of not more than three years, provided that the construction pursuant to said permit has commenced within the first one-year period.

Zoning Information & Forms


Zoning Ordinance On-Line – To Search Borough Zoning Code

2015_International_Swimming_Pool_and_Spa_Code – Adopted by the UCC & Schwenksville Borough

Resolution No. 2020-11 – 2020 Fee Schedule

Current Zoning Map

All Applications & Forms

If you are thinking about a project, adding or extending a fence,  or adding an accessory building, please contact the Borough at 610-287-7442 to inquire about what permits are necessary.

Building Permits  and Plan Reviews

As of July 13, 2018, Schwenksville Borough has changed Contractors for Third Party Code Inspection and Plan Review service.  The new provider is Castle Valley Consultants Inc.    Castle Valley will have office hour by appointment on Thursday mornings.  You may call the Borough at 610-287-7442 or by calling Castle Valley at 610-469-8414, Option 2.

The below files are PDFs and will require you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you do not have this program you can download here.

All Applications & Forms

Office Hours:

Office Hours have been canceled due to the Pandemic and will be re-established by Appointment Only thereafter.

Permit Applications:

All Permit Applications for Construction, Rental Inspections, Re-Sale Inspections, Change In Tenancy, or signs; as well as zoning, stormwater mgt., Road Opening/Sidewalk Replacement etc. should still be filed with Schwenksville Borough.  Forms and applications are listed herein or are accessible from a link listed under “I want to” on the left side of this home page”.  The Construction Permit shall be used for New Construction, Renovations, Alterations, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Permits.  An application for a commercial or accessible plan review is also available.    for New Construction, Renovations, Alterations, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical improvements.  Checks made payable to Schwenksville Borough.

Uniform Construction Code Appeals Board
In 2005, the Townships of Skippack, New Hanover, Lower Frederick and Perkiomen and the Boroughs of Royersford, Collegeville and Trappe entered into an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement To Create A Board of Appeals for the administration of the Uniform Construction Code. By joinder agreements adopted by Resolutions of Member Municipalities and by Resolution of the Applicant, Schwenksville Borough joined the Joint Board of Appeals in 2011 and Worcester Township joined in 2015. This code is Part of Act 45, which was passed in 1999. As set forth within Act 45, every municipality that adopts the Uniform Construction Code must have an Appeals Board to handle appeals to the Code. Due to the difficulty of staffing such a board in some municipalities, it was suggested to take a regional approach to this requirement.  Jim Keyser is the appointed Appeal Board representative from Schwenksville Borough.

Below are documents available for download to assist municipalities and applicants.

UCC Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement


Application for UCC Appeal Hearing

Inspection Hours. 

Primary inspections hours in Schwenksville Borough will be Thursday mornings.  All other inspection times will be accommodated as able with sufficient notice.   Inspections with Castle Valley should be scheduled by calling 610-469-8414 and choosing Option #2.

Use & Occupancy Permits – Rental Units & Re-sales

All rental units must be registered with the Borough. $25 annual fee – Since August 2015
Any time there is a change in tenant, the Borough must be notified and a Use and Occupancy Inspection must take place.

All Permit Applications & Forms

All sales of residential and commercial buildings must have a Use and Occupancy Inspection.  Applications & Fees are same as Rental U&O Inspections.

Contact Information

Building/Plumbing Inspector: Castle Valley Consultants, 610- 469-8414 Options #2

Code Enforcement Officer: Castle Valley Consultants, 610- 469-8414 Options #2

Zoning Officer: Anne Klepfer, Schwenksville Borough Manager

Contact Information:

Borough Office: (610) 287-7442
Fax: (610) 287-8098

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