Borough Officials

So how does the Borough Operate?   Boroughs are governed by an elected Council and Mayor.  The membership of council varies depending on the method of election and size of the Borough.  Schwenksville Borough operates with a Court Approved number of Five Elected Council Members and an Elected Mayor.   All legislative and policy making powers is vested in Council by majority vote.  The Mayor’s job is administer Oaths of Office , Preside over Reorganization until a President is selected and to cast a tie breaking vote if needed.    Some Boroughs, such as Schwenksville have adopted the Council-Manager form of government whereby a Manager is appointed by Council to serve at the pleasure of Council.  The Borough Manager’s authority is limited by authority granted by Council by Ordinance and by direction received by majority vote of Council.   Boroughs are bound to operate within the confines of the BOROUGH CODE of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   While the Borough Code does permit Borough’s to adopt by Ordinance nominal compensation for Elected Council Members, Schwenksville Borough chooses to make service to the Borough volunteer based and no compensation is received for the service.   The only paid officials are the Elected Auditors who audit the Borough’s accounts and prepare the annual financial statement.



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Schwenksville Borough
140 Main Street
Schwenksville, PA 19473
(610) 287-7442 Phone
(610) 287-8098 Fax

Hours of Operation
M-Thursday 9 AM- 5 PM
Friday 9 AM- 2 PM

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