Borough ABC’s [Authorities, Boards, Commissions and Committees]

In general, Pennsylvania local governments are small operations. More than 77 percent of the state’s 2,562 municipalities serve populations of less than 5,000. In such governments, municipal officials are usually non-professionals; that is, his or her profession or occupation is usually not government service. He or she may be a merchant, farmer, doctor, steel worker, teacher or industrial supervisor. In short, most municipal officials are ordinary citizens serving their community. Citizens run for and seek appointment to local office for a number of reasons. Primarily, they have something at stake – their life in the community, their property, their future and their children’s future. Second, being mayor, councilman, planning commissioner, park & recreation chairman or activities chair can be an interesting and exciting challenge. A local official is in the middle of community activity, in a position to get things done for the community. In the lives of most government amateurs, there is scarcely a dull moment as numerous duties must be performed and obligations honored. There are tough decisions to make, many thankless jobs, and even some disgruntled residents.

The non-professional status of most officials does not imply they know little about governmental operations. Through time and experience, some develop into experts, both in government administration and the knowledge of the needs of their communities.  They bring into local government new thinking from the world of business or other areas of life. All in all, the citizen-official is the backbone of local government in Pennsylvania, and local government is the foundation of the American system of democracy.

In addition to the elected positions of Councilman, Mayor, Tax Collector and Auditor, there are many Authorities, Boards, Commissions and Committees (ABC’s) with which residents can get involved and volunteer to serve.

Here in Schwenksville Borough the Following ABC’s are active:

Board of Auditors- Elected

  • Kalena Pippert
  • Pamela Ruoff
  • Paula Steiger

Schwenksville Borough Authority

  • John Markley (Chair)
  • Donald A. Whitko
  • Thomas Slater, Sr.
  • Brian Pippert
  • Greg Pocius

Park and Recreation Board

  • Peter Grauer
  • Greg Pocius
  • Gail Phillips
  • Darren Rash
  • Brian Pippert

Activity Committee – Subcomittee of Park and Recreation Board

  • Gail Philips
  • Lee Ann Miller
  • Bonnie Eckenrode
  • Jean Houpt
  • Patty Ott
  • Alberta Lynch

Vacancy  Board – Vacant

Zoning Hearing Board

  • Glenn Umberger- Vice-Chairman
  • Harry Philips – Secretary
  • Adam Slater
  • Alternate Member – Vacancy

Planning Commission

  • Larry Keown
  • H. Gilbert Williams (Chair)
  • Chris Melville
  • Gary J. Schneider (Vice-Chair)
  • Darren Rash

Historical  Committee (Historic Research)

  • Pam Ruoff
  • Chris Kraft
  • Roy Miller

Historical Committee (Ordinance)

  • TBD

Revitalization Task Force

  • Lee Ann Miller (Chair)
  • Joe Laird
  • Gary Schneider
  • Vacant
  • Todd Larsen
  • Heidi Carrow
  • Brian Olszak(Montgomery County Planner)
  • Joe Giunta,Mayor
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