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The Historic Committee was formed by the Borough for the purpose of exploring ways to save meaningful older buildings from being destroyed and to keep the rich history of Schwenksville intact for future generations. This is in recognition of the fact that the historic architecture of the town is one of its biggest assets. It is also one that is easily lost or eroded over time.

The Committee invited Mr. Michel LeFevre, of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Bureau for Historic Preservation, to speak at a Planning Commission Meeting June 4th. This was an informative session and the Historic Committee was encouraged to submit a Historic Resource Survey Form as a “first step” in what is typically a very long process. Its purpose would be to present the historic resources of Schwenksville for consideration and feedback by the state commission. It was also emphasized that there are many options available to the Borough in preserving its assets. The creation of a formal historic district is only one of these options. Public information and input in the historic preservation process is required for success. In addition to the fact that property values generally increase over time, “a well administered historic preservation program…makes for an economically viable and vibrant place to work and live,” states Mr. LeFevre. He cites the success of local towns like Phoenixville and Doylestown.

The Committee has been working on the Historic Resource Survey Form since March and expects to have it completed in November. Thanks to their hard work, it will be completed at little cost to the Borough. The submission does not commit the Borough to any course of action, nor does it restrict property owners from making changes to their properties.



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