2018 MONTCO 2040 Implementation Grant

Schwenksville Garners 3rd Montco240 Implementation Grant

We are pleased to announce that Schwenksville Borough has received a 2018 Montco 2040 Implementation Grant for the Perkiomen Trail Drainage Improvement @ Schwenksville Station Project. The grant, aimed at implementing the county comprehensive plan, Montco 2040: A Shared Vision, is one of fourteen recently awarded by the Montgomery County Commissioners.

The project will create vegetative swales/rain garden stormwater BMP’s adjacent to the Perkiomen Trail and at the base of the trail bed below the trail in Meadow Park to promote runoff infiltration and filtering of pollutants from the adjacent restaurant parking lot and to prevent further erosion.   The project also includes the construction of an observation deck and staircase down to the meadow below.  Interpretive educational signs will be installed on the observation deck to inform visitors about Schwenksville’s unique cultural history.

The expected benefits or goals of the project are to eliminate or reduce the stormwater run-off, address existing erosion at the run-off’s point of entry down the embankment into Meadow Park, to create an observation deck for Perkiomen Trail users looking out over the Perkiomen Creek with interpretive signage illustrating/educating historic and natural features of local interest; and to construct a staircase access down into Meadow Park below.

The Borough also believes the project will create a rest area with convenient access to a local eatery, encouraging people to stop and spend time in Schwenksville rather than just biking through.

Visit www.montcopa.org/Montco2040GrantProgram for more on the grant program and to see all of the grant recipients.

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