2019 Budget

Borough Council authorized the advertisement of the 2019 Budget with a balancing figure of $2,274,490.00 for all funds including the construction fund for proposed renovations at 300 Main Street.   The General Fund Operating Budget is balanced at $596,474.00 which is $19,384 higher than in 2018.   No tax increase is proposed for 2019 and no new services are being added as of the time the budget is advertised.  Residents may submit written comments prior to the December 13, 2018 Council Meeting or are invited to attend the Borough Council Meeting which begins at 7PM at Borough Hall, 140 Main Street, Scwhenksville PA 19473.    2019 Budget Advertised  November Budget Message  Budget Advertisement for 2019 Budget.

Regional Policing Study Public Information Meeting

There will be a Public Meeting on Wednesday, December 5th at 7 PM at the Perkiomen Valley Middle School West located at 200 Big Road, Zieglersville, 19492 to review and take public comments and questions about a recently completed Perkiomen Valley Regional Police Study. Please note: this study will be presented in detail at the December 5th Public Meeting. It should also be noted that while the report quantifies the cost of providing full time local police services to each municipality, it does not quantify the tax impact for raising the funds to pay for the services. That impact needs to be explored and quantified by each individual municipality.
The Pennsylvania Legislature has been considering legislation that would begin to charge municipalities for State Police Services without expanding coverage or increasing services provided. The Study examined the feasibility and cost of creating a Regional Police Department that would provide 24-7 full-time local police services to a group of 3 or 4 municipalities as an alternative to State Police Services.
You are encouraged to come to this Public Meeting to learn first hand from the professionals who prepared the study what options are available to Schwenksville Borough. There will be an additional multi-municipal public hearing in the spring and Schwenksville Borough encourages residents of the Borough to submit their written comments and questions to info@schwenksville-pa.org at any time. Additional opportunity for public comment will also be provided at future Borough Council Meetings.


Advance Disposal’s single hauler contract with the Borough for Trash and Recycling Pick Up ends December 31st. Their last pick up will be Wednesday December 26th (normal day is Tuesday but this is a holiday). Residents should leave their bins out at the curb/edge of road for Advance Disposal to collect.
Schwenksville Borough has a Single Hauler Ordinance.  This Ordinance dictates that only one Trash Company can operate in the Borough during a specific contract period.   The purpose of the Ordinance is to limit the number of days trash is placed at the curb and restrict the number of trash trucks traveling the Borough’s narrow roads.  Under the Ordinance, Schwenksville Borough seeks competitive bids from multiple trash companies and selects the lowest responsible bidder to service the Borough’s Trash and Recycling needs under the Single Hauler Ordinance.    This includes anyone who utilizes a dumpster system for trash.  A rate schedule for dumpsters is also included in the Bid.    All Residential & Non-Residential properties are required to have an account for Trash and Recycling collection services.
Beginning January 1, 2019 the new company that will be servicing Schwenksville Borough both for Residential Service and all dumpsters is Whitetail Disposal. Whitetail will be sending postcards to property owners with instructions and information about their company. You may also log on to www.whitetaildisposal.com/ for more information about the company and their services.   An account for you will be established and you will be responsible for payment for the service regardless of whether or not you call to personalize your account.   The standard toters provided to you will be 96 gallon sized toters.
Your first step is to call Whitetail at 610-754-0103 and customize your account.  You may also email them at Schwenksville@whitetaildisposal.com.  You have until December 24th to let them know you if you want a different size recycling container.  Tell them you live in Schwenksville Borough and want to set up your account under the Borough Contract. For more information about Whitetail Disposal, log on to www.whitetaildisposal.com. You can also wait until a Schwenksville Whitetail Website is available. We will post all current information on www.schwenksville-pa.org as it becomes available.    Your second step will be to select the size trash toters you wish to utilize. The standard size for trash and recycling is a 96 Gallon toter.  If you prefer, a smaller toter or recycling bin will be provided upon request. You will also have the ability to open up your account and select your toters on-line, information on how to do this will be posted at www.schwenksville-pa.org when the webpage is ready.   If you don’t take these steps to customize your account, residential properties will be enrolled automatically and the standard toters will be provided.
The Borough has signed a 3-year contract with Whitetail after advertising for and receiving sealed bidsfor the contract. Whitetail was the lowest responsible bidder. The price per residential unit for 2019 is $21 per month/$63 per quarter/$252 per year. The service days and services provided will remain the same: Tuesday pick up for trash and single-stream recycling; 1 extra bag permitted; 1 bulk item per week permitted and yardwaste bags to be collected when left in proper biodegradable leaf bags.
PLEASE NOTE:According to Borough Ordinances all dwelling units are required to have a trash and recycling service provider andall commercial/non residential operations are required to have trash dumpster and recycling services as well.

Perk Valley School District Creating a Steering Committee

Perkiomen Valley School District is looking for a well-rounded group of district stakeholders to help us continue discussions about South Elementary School’s facility needs. We want to include entire community in these conversations because addressing South’s needs will likely have an impact on the entire district. The options presented publicly have included building a new school, renovating/upgrading South, or closing South and redistricting students in a number of different ways.

 No decisions have been made at this point. Currently, we are seeking to form a Facilities Steering Committee that will help us to evaluate options and eventually assist in the development of a recommendation. We invite any school district resident who is interested in serving on the Steering Committee to complete our survey by Nov. 16: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/D2X3DQV

Participants will be notified if they are selected to be on the task force. Please keep in mind this Steering Committee, which will be representative of the district at-large, will be limited to 20-25 members to ensure that work can be productive.

 If you would like to learn more about the discussions that have been held so far regarding South Elementary School’s facility needs, please visit our webpage for more information.

 Volunteers for Community Service always welcome

From time to time we have willing volunteers approach us about small projects that they could do to help us keep the Borough looking as nice as possible.   We decided that the best way to accommodate those willing volunteers is to keep a list of things that need to be done.  Some are routine maintenance that will need to be done regularly, others are small items that need to be repaired.  Please note that anyone willing to donate their time and skills will be greatly appreciated.    In fact, the Mayor just created a special award to be given out when from time to time he feels a volunteer has really been extraordinary.   To volunteer please check out the  Community Service Projects that we have identified as needing assistance and fit the work into your schedule when possible.   Thank you in advance!

Borough Electronic Sign

Your business or organization can still purchase advertising on the digital sign located in front of 300 Main Street.  The Borough took over ownership of the property at 300 Main Street following the merger of Schwenksville Fire Company with Lower Frederick Township Fire Company, has commissioned a new sign to sit on top of the electronic sign and has taken over managing the messaging on the sign.   The rates are similar to what was charged by the Fire Company.  The proceeds are being earmarked for Park and Activities Committee expenditures.

If you are interested in purchasing advertising space please read the Borough Policy, complete the Application and submit to gail@Schwenksville-pa.org.  

Sign Usage _Application &  Fee Schedule


As of July 13, 2018, Schwenksville Borough has changed Contractors for Third Party Code Inspection and Plan Review service.  The new provider is Castle Valley Consultants Inc.   The application forms on our website will remain in effect.  The current 2018 Fee Schedule will be in effect until January of 2019.  All applications should be submitted to Schwenksville Borough.  U&O Applications require payment of the flat fee up front made payable to Schwenksville Borough.  All other applications will be reviewed by Castle Valley Consultants and a fee will be calculated and is payable upon receipt of the permit.  To schedule an inspection please call Castle Valley Consultants directly at 610-469-8414 and select Option #2.   Any questions can be directed to Gail Phillips or Anne Klepfer at Borough Hall or 610-287-7442.    The Thursday Office Hour is now in effect.  An inspector will be available to take calls or walk ins between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM on Thursdays.

The below files are PDFs and will require you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you do not have this program you can download here.


 Building Permit Application as of 7_13_18 Use for all Building, Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical Applications



Spotted Lantern Fly Quarantine – Schwenksville

Schwenksville Borough was recently notified that it is now under Quarantine for the Spotted Lantern Fly.  Last summer the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, confirmed the presence the Spotted Lanternfly in Berks County Pennsylvania, the first detection of this invasive non-native species in the United States.  It has now spread to Schwenksville Borough.

Upon determination that the potential impact to Pennsylvania’s agricultural economy and natural resources was great, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture issued a quarantine with the intent to restrict the movement of the Spotted Lanternfly on November 1, 2014. To date, several municipalities in Berks and Montgomery counties are under a limited movement quarantine as the department and its federal, state, local and non-governmental cooperators develop a strategy to eliminate this pest from the Commonwealth.

The general quarantine restricts movement of any material or object that can spread the pest. This includes firewood or wood products, brush or yard waste, remodeling or construction materials and waste, packing material like boxes, grapevines for decorative purposes or as nursery stock, and any outdoor household articles like lawnmowers, grills, tarps, Kayaks, Canoes and any other equipment, trucks, RVS or vehicles not stored indoors.

Businesses in the general quarantine area need to obtain a Certificate of Limited Permit from the department in order to move articles. Criminal and civil penalties of up to $20,000 and prison time can be imposed for violations by businesses or individuals.

The Spotted Lanternfly, which has no known impacts to human health, is an inch-long black, red and white spotted pest and is native to China, India, Japan and Vietnam. It’s an invasive species in Korea, where it has attacked 25 plant species which also grow in Pennsylvania.

Spotted Lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula, attacks grapes, apples, pines and stone fruits. It often attaches to the bark of Tree of Heaven – sometimes referred to as Paradise Tree – an invasive species similar to Sumac that can be found around parking lots or along tree lines. Adults often cluster in groups and lay egg masses containing 30-50 eggs that adhere to flat surfaces including tree bark. Freshly laid egg masses have a grey waxy mud-like coating, while hatched eggs appear as brownish seed-like deposits in four to seven columns about an inch long. Trees attacked by the Spotted Lanternfly will show a grey or black trail of sap down the trunk.

All Pennsylvanians are encouraged to watch for the Spotted Lanternfly and offered the following suggestions :

  • If you see eggs: Scrape them off the tree or smooth surface, double bag them and throw them in the garbage, or place the eggs in alcohol or hand sanitizer to kill them.
  • If you collect a specimen: Turn the adult specimen or egg mass in to the department’s Entomology Lab for verification. First, place the sample in alcohol or hand sanitizer in a leak proof container.
  • If you take a photo: Submit photo of adults or egg masses to badbug@pa.gov.
  • If you report a site: Call the Invasive Species report line at 1-866-253-7189 with details of the sighting and your contact information.

While Pennsylvanians can submit suspect eggs to the department headquarters in Harrisburg or to its six regional office locations, county Penn State Extension offices are often a closer, faster option.

For more information about the Spotted Lanternfly, visit www.agriculture.pa.gov and search “lanternfly.”

Schwenksville Borough Authority  Announces Construction Schedule

The Borough Authority will be replacing the existing water main and water service connections in Main Street/Route 29 in the Borough that are over seventy-five years old.   The project is scheduled to begin June 11.   Notices were mailed out to Borough residents and hand delivered to residents along Main Street.  There will be a public meeting on Thursday May 31, 2018 at the former Schwenksville Fire House located at 300 Main Street beginning at 7 PM.  Attached is the Notice provided to residents that provides the background for the project and time line for completion.  There is also a map of the affected Main Street segments.  There will be lane reductions and parking prohibitions during this project.  Construction will be completed between the hours of 9am and 3pm Monday through Friday.  Public Notification Main Street Project 5.22.18 (3)  Main Street Aerial (2) 

For more information and for updates please go to www.sbawspa.org.

New Tax Collector

The new Tax Collector for Schwenksville Borough is Siobhan Pocius.   Property Owners and/or their mortgage companies should have received the Borough/County Tax Bill for 2018.   You may have noticed that the Bill indicates checks should be made payable to “SCHWENKSVILLE TAX COLLECTOR” .   Siobhan chose to set up the bank accounts under this name to make it easier for people due to the unusual spelling of her name.

If you are hand delivering your Tax payment and want to make sure the date received is verifiable, your best options are to hand deliver it to Siobhan during her office hours or by appointment; or drop it off at the Schwenksville Post Office where they will postmark it and place it in PO Box 92.       While Borough Hall 140 Main Street has a drop box available during our office hours, we do not time stamp the payments.   Also, please do not shove them through the mail slot at Borough Hall during non-business hours.

Office Hours for Siobhan Pocius are:

April 26th and April 27th 2PM-4PM

June 29th 2PM-4PM

December 13th 2Pm-4PM

By Appointment: 610-310-7260


Former Schwenksville Fire Company Electronic Sign

Your business or organization can still purchase advertising on the digital sign located in front of 300 Main Street.  The Borough took over ownership of the property at 300 Main Street following the merger of Schwenksville Fire Company with Lower Frederick Township Fire Company, has commissioned a new sign to sit on top of the electronic sign and has taken over managing the messaging on the sign.   The rates are similar to what was charged by the Fire Company.  The proceeds are being earmarked for Park and Activities Committee expenditures.

If you are interested in purchasing advertising space please read the Borough Policy, complete the Application and submit to gail@Schwenksville-pa.org.  

Sign Usage Regulations  

New Tax Collector Taking Office January 1st

Siobhan Pocius won a successful write-in campaign to become the Borough’s new Tax Collector for a term that begins January 1, 2018.    The new email  for the Schwenksville Borough Tax Collector will be: taxcollector19473@gmail.com.   We will post additional information as it becomes available.  Please check back here for additional information.

2018 Draft Budget Adopted and Authorized for Public Comment and Advertising

No Tax Rate Increase planned for 2018. The  2018 Draft Budget was adopted by Council with tax rates remaining at 2017 levels. The budget will be advertised for public comment and will be considered for adoption at the December 14th Council Meeting.  Public comments can be submitted to Aklepfer@Schwenksville-pa.org or mailed to 140 Main Street, Schwenksville, PA 19473

Perkiomen Valley School District Referendum Q

When Perkiomen Valley School District voters go to the polls Nov. 7, they will be asked a referendum question about whether or not they approve of the district incurring debt to pay for the installation of one or more multi-purpose artificial turf fields.

The question will read: “Shall the Perkiomen Valley School District incur debt, in a sum not to exceed $2,000,000.00 (two million dollars) for the purpose of financing construction of multi-purpose artificially surfaced athletic fields on existing school property, and said debt be authorized as incurred as debt by the electors?”

Read on for Frequently Asked Questions about this topic. Have a question that’s not answered? Email it to PVreferendum@pvsd.org

FAQ handout

“Welcome Mural – Schwenksville Train Station” Dedication Ceremony is Friday, September 29th

Schwenksville Borough is hosting a Dedication Ceremony for the “Welcome Mural – Schwenksville Train Station”.  The Dedication Ceremony, with  Borough, County and State officials in attendance, will take place at 10:30 AM on Friday, September 29, 2017 at the Sabo Apartment Building located at 350 Main Street in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania.   The public is invited to attend.

The “Welcome Mural” depicts an image of the original Schwenksville Train Station as it would have looked at the turn of the last century with a train heading north.   The mural was painted by Phoenixville area Urban Landscape Artist Teresa Haag, who says of her work “I tell stories through cityscapes. Old buildings and streets have so much to say and I try to share that through my work.”

The Schwenksville mural is a nod to the borough’s historic past when growth in the town was fueled by the advent of the “Iron Horse” and its location along the Perkiomen Creek that made it a rural retreat for city dwellers who arrived by train. It also represents the borough’s desire for future growth and revitalization centered along Montgomery County’s Perkiomen Trail that now inhabits the old rail bed and stands yards away from the Welcome Mural.  For more information on the Schwenksville Train Station please see a narrative prepared by Roy Miller: http://schwenksville-pa.org/boardscommissions/historic-committee/.

“The Welcome Mural – Schwenksville Train Station” was funded by Montgomery County through the Montco 2040 Grant Program and Schwenksville Borough and was completed in June, 2017. It was completed in partnership with Michael and Julia Sabo, owners of 350 Main Street.

Wireless Communications Ordinance Updated

Schwenksville Borough adopted Ordinance No. 392 updating its wireless communications regulations.  The Ordinance amends the Borough’s Zoning Ordinance to update and add definitions and regulations to establish certain general and specific standards relating to the location, placement, construction and maintenance of tower-based and non-tower wireless communications facilities.  Ordinance 392_Final.

Have Questions?

Have Questions?   Have concerns? Want to make a suggestion? Please call Borough staff at 610-287-7442.   We are typically staffed 9AM-Noon, 1PM-5PM Monday through Thursday and 9AM-2PM on Fridays.   The Third Party Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer [Tom Heisner of Code Inspection Inc.] contracted by Schwenksville Borough has office hours at Borough Hall on Thursdays 9AM-10 AM and can be reached at the number listed above.   Code Inspections Inc., is only in the Borough on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings and conducts all building inspections and performs all code inspections on these days.  All appointments for inspections can be scheduled by calling 610-287-7442.

There is also a COMPLAINT AND SUGGESTION FORM_ that can be used to lodge a complaint, request a service or to simply make a friendly suggestion or observation.   We require the use of the form to help us better keep track of legitimate complaints and process the requests and so that we have a record of our response and can refer back to them when an opportunity arises to address it.  It some cases, it helps us to build a file up for use in Code Enforcement Proceedings.  Please don’t take offense when we ask you to complete one.  The purpose is to make the process transparent, responsive, accountable and productive.

Please also consider signing up for the E-Pathways newsletter.   This is the best way to receive accurate information about what’s happening in Schwenksville Borough.  You can do this by emailing Gail@Schwenksville-pa.org and providing your email address with a request to be added to the distribution list; or you can simply text the word “SCHWENKY”  to 22828 and provide your email address when asked for it.

Vacancies – Opportunities to Serve your Borough

Schwenksville Borough has the following vacancies and anticipated vacancies:

Vacancy Board Member: This appointed position serves with members of Council to fill vacancies on Council and other elected offices such as Auditor or Tax Collector when mid-term vacancies occur or no one runs for election and when Council is unable to appoint someone by majority vote within the prescribed time frame. The position is “on call” and may or may not be called into service.
Zoning Hearing Board Alternate: The Zoning Hearing Board is a quasi judicial board that hears and considers appeals of the Zoning Officer’s decisions and applications for Variances or Special Exceptions to the Zoning Regulations of Schwenksville Borough. It is a three member board, but because there are time restrictions for hearing applications it is desirable to have alternate members available to step in when one of the three members is unable to perform the duties.
Auditor: Auditor is an elected position. Auditors conduct a financial audit of the Borough’s financial records and prepare the annual financial statements. An incumbent Auditor will not seek re-election. Interested parties will need to file a petition with the Board of Elections and run for office.
Building Code Appeals Board: Schwenksville Borough is part of a regional Building Code Appeals Board. The Borough’s representative recently moved out of state.  The position requires a background in construction codes, or professional experience such an architect, engineer, building inspector, or contractor.


Stormwater Management

Modern stormwater management frequently includes the installation of “Best Management Practices” (BMPs).  One thing that all BMPs have in common is that they need routine maintenance in order to perform properly.  Since many BMPs are installed on private property and the responsibility of private property owners, it is important that property owners be offered advice on BMP Care.    The Pennsylvania DEP has prepared a Homeowners Guide to Homeowners Guide to Stormwater BMP Maintenance and has provided additional information and resources for homeowners.

Additional resources:

Landscaping with Native Plants


PA Stormwater Best Practices Manual (2006)


Main Street Streetscape Plan & Design Guidelines

Last summer Council held a special Town Meeting to talk about revitalization and public safety in the Borough.   Thank you to those of you who took the time to share your thoughts on revitalization and provided constructive suggestions for our consideration.

We are pleased to announce that the Borough has completed and adopted Main Street Streetscape Plan and Design Guidelines to help guide development and improvements along Main Street.   And we have already started implementing some of the recommendations –look no further than the beautiful Mural at 350 Main Street painted by artist Teresa Haag.

Residents in attendance also asked us to make Property Maintenance code enforcement a priority.   Code enforcement is never an easy or pleasant responsibility, however, we took your comments to heart and are working with a Third Party Inspection company on enforcement.   We have updated our Property Maintenance Ordinance and we are working with residents and businesses on compliance.

Fire Company Merger Announced

It is with much regret and sadness that the Borough passes on an announcement from the Schwenksville Fire Company. As you will learn, the Borough is going through great changes and is faced with the challenge of facing those changes head on and adapting to new realities and changes for the greater good of the Borough.  More information and review will be forthcoming.  As always, residents are always welcome to attend monthly Borough Council Meetings or reach out to Borough Council members via contacts available on this site.

On Monday, June 12, 2017, the members of Schwenksville Fire Company passed a vote progressing the merger forward with Lower Frederick Fire Company.  The merger will combine fire protection services into one, unified company. The decision to do so was not taken lightly, however, due to declining volunteerism Statewide, and increased costs of operations, this was seen as the best path forward for the residents of the Borough, surrounding communities, and fire company members.

 The process of merging the two companies will begin immediately, and will be concluded no later than December 31, 2017.  The current Schwenksville fire station, 300 Main Street in Schwenksville will remain in operation for a period of time, to ensure a smooth transition of fire protection for Schwenksville Borough.  At the conclusion of the merger, all fire services will be provided out of the Lower Frederick fire station, 137 Spring Mount Road in Lower Frederick.

 Should you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Fire Company at 610-287-9370 x 808. – Schwenksville Fire Co.

Schwenksville Borough Council would like the public to know that the Schwenksville Fire Company has been a foundation for the Schwenksville Community for over one hundred years and would like to say thank you to every member past and present for their dedicated service to the residents of Schwenksville Borough.  Borough Council, as always, will support the Fire Company in their efforts to best serve the residents of Schwenksville and will work with the Fire Company to ensure a smooth transition.  The Borough will assume ownership responsibilities for the Fire Company properties and will continue to endeavor to keep the public informed as the merger process plays forward.

Borough Association Recognition

Schwenksville Borough is proud to announce that the Schwenksville Newsletter “Pathways” received a First Place Recognition in the Borough News Municipal Newsletter Contest!  Winners were selected based on content, presentation and “readability”.   



More Revitalization Activities Funded

We are pleased to announce that Schwenksville Borough has received a 2017 Montco 2040 Implementation Grant for the Main Street Pedestrian Plaza. The grant, aimed at implementing the county comprehensive plan, Montco 2040: A Shared Vision, is one of thirteen recently awarded by the Montgomery County Commissioners.

Schwenksville will create a distinctive sidewalk connection and harmonious public gathering place with landscaping, pavers, custom concrete instead of asphalt,  benches and bike racks in the center of Schwenksville’s Main Street corridor. The plaza and the pedestrian connection will support Schwenksville’s downtown and community destinations that include Meadow Park, the Schwenksville Fire Company Museum, the proposed Old Post Office Museum and the Perkiomen Trail as well as local businesses.

The purpose is to create a space to bring people together and make a pedestrian connection between Main Street and Meadow Park to encourage Meadow Park users and Perkiomen Trail users to explore the existing Fire Company Museum, a proposed Historic Post Office Pocket Museum and Main Street businesses; and to encourage Main Street visitors to explore Meadow Park and museums as well.

Visit www.montcopa.org/Montco2040GrantProgram for more on the grant program and to see all of the grant recipients.

Meadow Park/Borough Clean-Up Days

The Park and Recreation Board has scheduled specific dates they are seeking volunteers to assist with sprucing up Meadow Park, the Trail Head and other Borough spaces.  We often get volunteers willing but without any specific date or event, are unable to use them.    The Park Board will meet at Meadow Park on the following dates and times:

Saturday, April 22, 2017 9-12
Saturday, May 13, 2017 9-12
Saturday, June 10, 2017 9-12
Saturday, July 8, 2016 9-12
Saturday, August 12, 2017 9-12
Saturday, September 9, 2017 9-12

Let there be light

Schwenksville Borough is a proud participant in the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commissions Streetlight Procurement Program.   The Program involves municipalities from across the region joining together to procure and install LED Street Light Upgrades under a program that is designed to guaranty that the municipality will save enough money on repairs and electric procurement over the life time of the lights to pay for the new lights.   Read all about it here.

Summit Avenue Speed Complaint

Schwenksville Borough Council received a complaint of excessive speeding on Summit Avenue, specifically northbound traffic approaching the stop sign at Woodland Avenue.  Along with the complaint, a request for speed humps to be installed for both northbound and southbound traffic was made.   Borough Council took this request under advisement and reviewed the history of complaints and deterrence measures in this neighborhood.  The Borough Engineer was requested to and did provide a cost estimate for installation of speed humps in a manner consistent with engineering standards.  The portable Speed Display sign was installed to collect traffic volume counts and speed data.   The Borough also asked residents of this corridor for opinions of the request and provided a cost estimate for implementation.       The public comments were a mixed result with strong sentiments on both sides favor or disfavor.    Based on the empirical and financial data as well as the mixed level of support for the proposal, no Council Member made a motion to act on the request and the matter was closed for a lack of action.

As always, Borough Council and staff will continue to look for and evaluate funding sources for road, mobility and safety improvements throughout the Borough.   Thank you to the residents who took the time to respond to our request for public comment.   A summary of public comments can be reviewed here.  Summit Ave Speed Hump Public Comment Summary.

Meadow Park Phase II Improvements—-Proposed Meadow Park Master Plan Draft-11×17

Meadow Park

Proposed Master Plan-11x17 Meadow Park could soon become a stop for boaters on the Perkiomen Creek.  The construction of an accessible boat ramp for kayakers and canoeists is the principle improvement planned for Meadow Park.   The project, which also includes an internal looped walking trail, benches, bike racks, and parking improvements is funded by a $250,000 Community Conservation Grant and a $200,000 grant from the Commonwealth Financing Authority, whose funding comes from the Act 13 drilling impact fee and the Marcellus Legacy Fund. These grants, along with funds pledged from Montgomery County and Schwenksville Borough, will create much needed Perkiomen Trail and Meadow Park parking and will encourage visitors to frequent Schwenksville’s downtown corridor. Please help us and Borough Business and property owners by encouraging trail users to park in the Meadow Park lot located behind the Fire House.SKMBT_C22017011714581

Gilmore & Associates, the Borough’s municipal engineering firm was selected as the project engineer and is currently applying for outside agency permits and working on design elements. The project will be reviewed by the Borough’s advisory boards and approved by DCNR before it is ready to be advertised for bids – hopefully, this summer.  It is our hope that the new boat ramp contributes to the Perkiomen Watershed’s efforts to have the Perkiomen Creek designated as a State Water Trail and that fun events like the Lenape Survival Challenge (April 22, 2017) and the Perkiomen Creek Sojourn (June 3, 2017) will someday involve or utilize Meadow Park.

Sunrise Trail Planning

Montgomery County has commissioned a Feasibility Study on the construction of the Sunrise Trail.  The proposed trail would start at the Perkiomen Trail crossing on E. Park Avenue in Schwenksville and would continue through Zieglerville to the County Open Space at Sunrise Mill to a Park in Upper Frederick Township and would terminate at a park in New Hanover Township.

For more information visit the County YouTube stations or contact the Montgomery County Planning Commission at 610-278-3722:


 In addition, here is a link to our photo database of the Swamp Creek corridor that you may find useful.  We will be showing many of these pictures at the public meeting, but feel free to use them.


01.04.2017 Trail Alignments Section 1 , 01.04.2017 Trail Alignments Section 1 01.04.2017 Trail Alignments Section 2 , 01.04.2017 Trail Alignments Section 3  01.04.2017 Trail Alignments Section 3 

Property Maintenance Survey.

You may have received a property maintenance letter. You are not alone if you did.

The Borough has received public comments suggesting that it does not do enough to enforce current property maintenance codes and that while the Borough’s efforts at revitalization activities and improvements is admirable…….the Borough should first be enforcing property maintenance codes.

Code Inspections Inc. was hired to perform an exterior Property Maintenance Survey. Exterior violations can lead to interior inspections, but the main priority and directive was for exterior code violations.

This project was started in August. Due to the limited amout of time the inspector is in the Borough and the amount of time and effort it takes to complete the survey, some properties are just receiving letters now.

The important thing is for property owners to respond to the letter. If errors of ownership or property confusion exists, Code Inspections will correct it and send out a new letter. If an extension of time for compliance is needed, the property owner should write a letter or email indicating their intent to comply and requesting an extension of time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Legal Notices – Uniform Construction Code Amendments

At their November 10th Meeting Borough Council will consider adoption of Ordinance No. 388 Amending the Borough Code that adopts and implements the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.   Building Permits are now needed for all re-roofing projects where 25% or more of the roof is being re-shingled or any portion of the roof is being re-sheaved.


Ordinance No 385 Adoption Floodplain Conservation District Legal Notice       View Ordinance – Adopted 3/15/16

Ordinance No. 383 – Property Maintenance Ordinance       View Ordinance     View Legal Notice – Adopted 4/14/2016

Sign up for E-newsletter

Schwenksville Borough will endeavor to send out a monthly newsletter electronically.  If you are interested in signing up for the newsletter you can do so by sending a text message to 22828 and text the word “SCHWENKY”.  You will get a text message response asking you for your email address. September-e-pathways-16-2

Town Meeting Response

On July 27, 2016 Schwenksville Borough Council held a Town Meeting to update residents on the revitalization planning and implementation efforts underway and to discuss police coverage in the Borough and a proposal to contract for local police services from Lower Frederick Township.   The power point presentation presented at the meeting is included here. The meeting was attended by about 30 residents and the Borough received positive feedback.    Multiple residents in attendance also espoused the view that the Borough should concentrate more resources on code enforcement of the existing Property Maintenance Codes.   The Police Coverage conversation was well received with those present generally in favor of making a change but wanting to hear from more of their fellow residents.

In response to these public comments the Borough has taken several steps.  First, we have engaged our third party inspection service to survey the Borough for property maintenance code violations.   The Borough is being divided into three sectionssections and the Inspector will make rounds in each section compiling a list of property maintenance violations and sending notices out to property owners requesting the property be brought into compliance.     Second, we have started an electronic newsletter we are calling E-Pathways.  It is hour hope that we will be able to send out this emailed newsletter monthly and use the registration for it to also send out emails about important information that we don’t have time to advertise well in advance.  We also plan to use it to send out a citizen survey regarding Police Coverage.   As always we encouraging to send us your own comments via email to Gail@schwenksville-pa.org or aklepfer@Schwenksville-pa.org.

If you are interested in signing up for the newsletter you can do so by sending a text message to 22828 and text the word “SCHWENKY”.


 Grants Approved for Meadow Park Improvements

I am pleased to announce that Schwenksville Borough successfully obtained $450,000.00 in grant money for Meadow Park Phase II Improvements and along with $22,000.00 in matching funds from the Borough and Montgomery County’s pledged $28,000.00 for Trail Head Parking, now have $500,000.00 to make significant improvements for Schwenksville Borough and Montgomery County residents.

Those improvements include:

• Handicap Accessible Kayak and Canoe Boat Ramp Access to the Perkiomen Creek
• Perkiomen Trail Parking
• Pedestrian Connections & Wayfinding Signs
• Internal Walking Trail/Nature Trail at Meadow Park
• Site Improvements including access drive for the Boat Ramp and Parking
• Park Benches & Bicycle Racks

We are excited to begin design work on this project and look forward to partnering with Montgomery County to complete this exciting project.


Here is the press release that went out January 28th: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/…/docume…/news/DCNR_20031594.pdf

And here is the list of DCNR grantees: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/…/do…/document/dcnr_20031593.pdf

Commonwealth Financing Authority

Governor Wolf’s Press Release: http://www.newpa.com/…/governor-wolf-announces-152-4-mill…/…

Montgomery County Recycling Events

Throughout the year Montgomery County Sponsors Recycling Events.  For more information visit  MontgomeryCountyRecycles.org ;   This year’s events are advertised by the following flyers:

Document Shredding-Flyer_Jan2017_WEB   HouseholdHazardousWasteEventFlyer_Jan2017_WEB   TireCollection-Flyer_Jan2017_WEB

Emergency Management Information

Exelon has issued the 2016/2017 emergency planning brochure for individuals that reside within a 10 mile radius of the Limerick Power Plant.  You can review the brochure and its important safety information by visiting http://www.exeloncorp.com/locations/Documents/Limerick%20Emergency%20Planning%20Brochure%202016.pdf . Please read the entire brochure, discuss the information with members of your family, and keep the brochure in a convenient place for future use.  If you need additional information after reviewing the brochure, please contact your County Emergency Services Department.

Floodplain Maps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved updated Floodplain Maps and has approved floodplain management measures that satisfy the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulations.  The Borough adopted corresponding floodplain management measures contained in a floodplain management ordinance that meet or exceed the minimum NFIP requirements.  Schwenksville Borough is depicted on Panels 113, 114 and 227 of the FEMA Map which can be viewed from the Borough’s Home Page www.schwenksville-pa.org by clicking on the images below.  The Best Way to view the maps is to come in to the office at 140 Main Street and view the paper copies of the maps.  We do not interpret the maps for you and cannot certify whether or not a property is in the floodplain.





Zika Virus Information

The Montgomery County Health Department has made the following information available to residents.  We hope that the information included will assist residents in having situational awareness about this disease event and how it may affect you if you travel to areas where there is suspected or confirmed Zika virus transmission. A comprehensive list of the countries affected may be found here: http://www.cdc.gov/zika/geo/active-countries.html

Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Pennsylvania Department of Health (PADOH) continues to be rapidly changing as the disease event evolves. Information sharing continues through regular distribution methods including the Montgomery County Health Department MCHD Zika Page.

 MCHD continues to be available 24/7 for consultation regarding Zika Virus inquiries. Montgomery County Health Department can be contacted at 610-278-5117.  For After Hours, Evenings, Weekends and Holidays contact: Montgomery County Police Radio at (610) 275-1222 and ask to speak to the person on-call for the Health Department

Regional Transportation Projects

Graterford Road Bridge Rehabilitation Underway
Crews began work on began on the Graterford Road Bridge over the Perkiomen Creek in Perkiomen and Skippack townships. They are working to rehabilitate the three-span bridge that was closed in June 2014 due to severe structural deterioration.

PennDOT’s contractor will restore the bridge by replacing the deck and beams, repairing the piers and support abutments and upgrading guide rail. The Graterford Road Bridge is expected to reopen to traffic in late April 2016.

During construction, Graterford Road through traffic will continue to follow the posted detour of Route 29, Plank Road and Route 73. Motorists are advised to allow extra time when traveling through the area.

PennDOT to Repair and Resurface 19 Miles of State Highway in Montgomery County
Construction is starting on a $6.4 million project to repair and resurface 19 miles of state highway in Montgomery County. PennDOT will improve travel conditions on each state highway by milling or removing the deteriorated pavement and placing a new asphalt riding surface on each roadway.

Route 29 Corridor Road and Bridge Repair and Improvement Projects
Route 29/Plank Road/Otts Road Intersection and Installation of Temporary Light – PennDOT is installing a temporary traffic signal at the intersection of Route 29 (Gravel Pike)/Plank Road/Otts Road in Perkiomen Township to improve travel through the off-set intersection. Crews have cleared trees in the area where the temporary signal will be located and spotted the locations for the temporary poles. Work will continue to install the temporary signal, which will be operational in May. The temporary traffic signal will remain in the place during the upcoming replacement of the Route 73 bridge over the Perkiomen Creek and until the project to realign the intersection and install a permanent signal is completed.

Skippack Bridge – The three-span Route 73/Skippack Pike bridge over the Perkiomen Creek bridge will move to construction in 2016 after the Graterford Road Bridge reopens to traffic. The project to replace the bridge’s superstructure (bridge deck and beams) and repair the support piers and abutments is part of a $7.5 million Act-89 funded group bridge project (Group J), which includes the rehabilitation of seven additional bridges in Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery counties. The bridge, which was built in 1929, will be closed and detoured during construction. The bridge carries an average of 12,750 vehicles a day.

Learn More About Your Local Government

A newly updated website, www.lgc.state.pa.us, seeks to connect residents with their local governments and the laws governing them, such as land use, private property issues and municipal taxation. The website, offered by the bipartisan Local Government Commission, facilitates ready access to municipal codes; dozens of frequently cited municipal laws of Pennsylvania; brief summaries of all acts signed into law since 1993, including those vetoed; and updates on recent projects by the commission.

To Report a Public Safety Concern

The Borough of Schwenksville is covered by the Pennsylvania State Police.  Residents should feel free to contact the State Police with any and all public safety concerns as many times as necessary.  It is helpful to report incidents, or suspicious behavior at the time they are occurring or observed; however for habitual problems, please contact the State Police to alert them so that they can respond appropriately.   Trooper Deanny  E. Wright is the Community Services Trooper Assigned to Schwenksville Borough from the Skippack Barracks.

Skippack Barracks
2047C Bridge Road
Schwenksville, PA 19473
(610) 584-1250

Deanny E. Wright – DEAWRIGHT@pa.gov

Emergency – 911

Ways You Can Protect Our Water Supply

When rains come down the storm water flows over roofs, across lawns, and down driveways, sidewalks, and roads before entering stormwater drains. The water entering those drains go directly to our water supply, along with all the dirt, debris, and chemicals it picked up along the way. In Schwenksville Borough, that water could contaminate the Perkiomen Creek and its tributaries.  Protect our water and natural areas by helping to reduce the contaminants in our stormwater.  Start with the following tips, and visit the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy http://www.perkiomenwatershed.org  and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection at http://www.depweb.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/water/6008 for more information.

  • Use the Montgomery County Household Hazardous Waste  Collection Program to dispose of hazardous household substances, such as      used motor oil, cleaning supplies, and paint.
  • Use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides properly to prevent excess runoff.
  • Pick up after pets and dispose of their waste properly.      If left in your backyard or at the park, pet waste can be carried into the      storm sewer system or a stream by stormwater runoff.
  • Instead of washing your car in your driveway, take it      to a car wash, where the water is treated and recycled.

Schwenksville Borough operates a municipal storm water system that is permitted by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection. The permit requires that the Borough:

  • Continue public education and outreach activities
  • Notify and solicit public input/involvement regarding      management of the system
  • Monitor, test and eliminate illicit discharges from      outfalls in the system
  • Control construction site stormwater runoff through      enforcement of ordinances
  • Ensure that all post-construction stormwater      improvements in new or re-developed areas are built as designed and are      operated and maintained properly
  • Implement a pollution prevention program for municipal  operations.

For more information or to provide public input please contact the Borough Manager at aklepfer@schwenksville-pa.org


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