SKMBT_C22015072822370Music in the Meadow Series — Two Concerts Left!!

Wednesday, August 19th 6:00PM to 8:00PM – Dog Bite Money – www.dogbitemoney.com

Wednesday, September 16th 6:00 PM to 8:00PM – Midnight Shift

All concerts are at Meadow Park located behind the Fire Company

New Building Inspection Program

Schwenksville Borough is pleased to announce that Code Inspection Inc. (CI) of Horsham PA is now the  UCC Code Inspection Services provider for Schwenksville Borough.   Tom Heisner has been assigned to service Schwenksville Borough for all Plan Reviews, Permitting and Inspections relating to the Building Codes of Schwenksville Borough.  Code Inspections Inc. will also provide Zoning and Property Maintenance review and enforcement services on an as-need basis.   This change was effective July 10th 2015.

Office Hours:

Tom will have a dedicated office hour on Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 10 AM.  During this hour, and additional time as needed, Tom will meet with applicants by appointment, pick up permit applications filed with the Borough, issue permits, return phone calls and meet with staff regarding open permits.  Call 1-800-288-2633 to schedule an appointment with Tom Heisner. Or stop by if you don’t mind waiting your turn.

Permit Applications:

All Permit Applications for Construction, Rental Inspections, Re-Sale Inspections, Change In Tenancy, or signs; as well as zoning, stormwater mgt., Road Opening/Sidewalk Replacement etc. should still be filed with Schwenksville Borough.  Forms and applications are listed below or are accessible from a link listed under “I want to” on the left side of this home page”.  The Construction Permit shall be used for New Construction, Renovations, Alterations, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Permits.  An application for a commercial or accessible plan review is also available.   More information and guidelines are available at http://www.codeinspectionsinc.com/inspection.php.    The Code Inspection Inc. Fee Schedule is available here.  Checks made payable to Code Inspections Inc. may be submitted through the Borough when the permit application is dropped off or when the permit is issued; or you can pay using a credit card directly from the www.codeinspectionsinc.com website.   For questions or assistance on how to do this call 1-800-288-2633 for assistance.  Only UCC permit fees outlined on the Code Inspection Inc. Fee Schedule are made payable to Code Inspection Inc.  All other permits are made payable to Schwenksville Borough as indicated below.

Inspection Hours. 

Primary inspections hours in Schwenksville Borough will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  All other inspection times will be accommodated as able with sufficient notice.   Inspections with Tom Heisner should be scheduled by calling Borough Hall at 610-287-7442 or by emailing gail@schwennksville-pa.org.   You can also call CI 1-800-288-2633 if you are unable to reach Borough Staff.

Permit Applications

Code_Inspections_Application for New Construction, Renovations, Alterations, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical improvements.  Checks made payable to Code Inspections, Inc.

PlanReviewApplication for non-residential and accessibility projects.  Checks made payable to Code Inspections, Inc.

U & O Inspection Application – For Rental Inspections, Re-Sale and Change in Tenancy Inspections .  Checks ($75 Residential and $100.00 Commercial) made payable to Schwenksville Borough.

Zoning Permit Application – For Pools, hot-tubs, Fences, new retaining walls, Sheds, Decks, patios, Driveways, New Construction, Change In Use, Signs, Balconies and awnings etc. .  Checks ($50 Residential, $100 commercial) made payable to Schwenksville Borough.

ZONING SAMPLE SITE (Plot) Plan for Zoning Permit – An example of the type of detail required to be submitted with all Zoning permits other than Change in Use.

All other applications please inquire with Schwenksville Borough at 610-287-7442.


Park ContestOn Your Park Get Set Go!  Contest is underway!  There are signs up that look like the photo posted here.  They give instructions on the different ways you can vote and have barcodes on them that can be scanned.  The barcodes will change Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  In addition to voting, you can also consider making a donation to Meadow Park.  The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation will match it dollar for dollar up to $2,000.00.  The Borough plans on using any money raised for additional improvements to Meadow Park.

When to Vote: The contest runs from July 1st – 31st, 2015. Individuals looking to make a real impact in your community are able to vote for Meadow Park three ways, once a day, every day, during the month of July. Individuals can and are encouraged to vote throughout the voting period. By voting all three ways, once a day, every day, a participant is able to earn up to 22 votes per day for their much loved park—and 32 on Saturday.

Ways to Vote: During the course of the competition, there are four specific methods to accumulate votes for Meadow Park:

1. Scanning a QR Code (located on signs that are displayed at Meadow Park)

2. Taking a selfie photograph and uploading it to the Mission Healthy Living Facebook page (Facebook.com/MissionHealthyU) or emailing the photo to

OnYourPark@gmail.com –be sure to have the Meadow Park sign in the back ground or label it Meadow Park!!

3. Voting online on the Mission Healthy Living Facebook page (Facebook.com/MissionHealthyU)

4. Water Bottles: Scan the QR code on the bottle and enter the code on the cap. Votes from QR codes and Facebook are tabulated

in real time, allowing users to see where his or her favorite park stands in the rankings.  Water bottles will be handed out at the July 15th Concert and the special Precision Jiu-jitsu Workshop scheduled for July 22 at 7 Pm at Meadow Park!

QR Codes*  Park visitors are able to scan a customized QR code at a nominated park to register a vote. Once the QR

code is scanned and a vote is placed by answering a simple mathematical equation, confirmation of that vote is provided. One scan will be registered per device/day. By scanning the QR code, each scan will equal 10 votes—excluding Saturdays (July 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th)—is worth 20 votes.

On Your Park, Get Set, Go!

When it comes to QR codes, there are many free options for iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones. For those who don’t have a QR code reader app already installed, here’s where to start: Download and install the app. While there are hundreds of options, here are two free options available for most smartphones: QR Code Reader and Microsoft Tag. Point your camera at

the QR code. Hold your camera steady so that the QR code comes into focus. You will be asked a simple math question as a security measure. After submitting your answer, you will be re-directed to a “thank you for voting” page. The appearance of this page verifies that your vote was registered.

RFP for Code Inspection Services

Schwenksville Borough is actively seeking proposals for Code Inspection Services.  The current provider, Mark John, has resigned and will be replaced at the July Borough Council Meeting.  All open commercial permits will continue to be inspected and closed out by Mr. John.   Beginning in early July, a new provider will take over all new permit applications.  As a result of this change the Borough will need to adopt an updated Fee Schedule.  This information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.  Parties interested in servicing Schwenksville Borough may review the RFP here.

Collection Dates (Hazardous Materials, and More):

  • Montgomery County publishes a list of recycling and drop off events annually that take place between the Spring and Fall of each year at various locations across  Montgomery County.  Please refer to  the County’s Recycling website, found here: http://www.montcopa.org/index.aspx?nid=637, for upcoming dates, acceptable items, and more.

South Main Street Improvement Project

This project includes improvements along Main Street between Perkiomen Avenue and approximately 41 Main Street funded with federal Community Development Block Grant dollars.  The design and engineering costs are paid for by the Borough of Schwenksville.

  • Selective road widening to allow for 11’ travel lanes, parking lanes on both sides of the street where width permits, and sidewalks for pedestrians
  • Striping of a modified turn lane at Perkiomen Ave
  • Replaced curbing and sidewalk with new curb & sidewalk
  • Dedicated parking lanes with 15- 17 marked parking spaces (has changed with revisions)
  • Three small bump-outs
  • Planning for future Street-scaping improvements such as ornamental street lighting and holiday decorations.

The project is currently in the permitting stage.  After a Highway Occupancy Permit is obtained from PennDot, the bid specifications and design need to be finalized and then advertised for bids.   Construction is anticipated for summer 2015.  For background and frequently asked questions please read this South Main Street Project Background.

As a part of the Citizen Engagement Process, Council agreed to create a log of citizen comments compiled from three Project Specific Meetings, Submission of written comments , Comments at Regular Monthly Meetings and comments from individual meetings.  The South Main Street Resident Concern Log is now available to view.   Additional Information regarding this project will be posted shortly.  Thank you for your interest and patience.

2015 Draft Budget Approved

The 2015 Draft Budget of $990,455.00 has been approved and authorized for public comment.   This sum includes $481,455 in General Fund Expenditures, $466,000 in Capital Expenditures and $43,000 in Liquid Fuels (highways) expenditures. The Borough is faced with increasing maintenance and insurance costs and stagnant or decreasing revenues, most notably the Earned Income Tax.  It was with great reluctance, but collective agreement, that Borough Council is advertising a proposed .5 mill real estate tax increase.  The increase amounts to a $76.00 increase in the annual real estate tax paid to Schwenksville Borough for the median home assessed value of $152,047, which is about 21 cents per day.  This is an 11% increase and is the first tax increase in since 2007.

pie chartThe 2013-2014 winter hit the Borough hard.  Not counting winter expenses for Nov. through Dec. the Borough is $19,285 over budget for winter maintenance and $16,800 over budget on road repairs.   The Borough’s emergency cash reserves are projected to decrease from 2013 and the forecast for another harsh winter is a significant financial concern.   At the same time, the Borough feels a commitment to continue progress addressing aging infrastructure and public safety.  The Borough’s ability to leverage cash reserves to access state and federal grant money is critical to the Borough’s long term capital plan.  The Budget includes $466,000 in capital projects financed predominately with state and federal grants that reimburse the Borough for work completed.  Those projects are not possible without sufficient cash on hand.  They are outlined in the Borough Newsletter which will be mailed to Residents in the near future.

Borough Manager Anne Klepfer welcomes any resident to come speak to her about the proposed budget and the specific projects projected for 2015 and beyond.  It is recommended that you call in advance to make sure she is available.  The Borough is accepting public comments in writing or in person at the December 11th Council Meeting at which time Council will vote on both the proposed Tax Ordinance and 2015 Budget.

2015 Summary Budget- As Advertised              2015 Draft Line Item Budget


To Report a Public Safety Concern

The Borough of Schwenksville is covered by the Pennsylvania State Police.  Residents should feel free to contact the State Police with any and all public safety concerns as many times as necessary.  It is helpful to report incidents, or suspicious behavior at the time they are occurring or observed; however for habitual problems, please contact the State Police to alert them so that they can respond appropriately.   Trooper Deanny  E. Wright is the Community Services Trooper Assigned to Schwenksville Borough from the Skippack Barracks.

Skippack Barracks
2047C Bridge Road
Schwenksville, PA 19473
(610) 584-1250

Deanny E. Wright – DEAWRIGHT@pa.gov

Emergency – 911

Ways You Can Protect Our Water Supply

When rains come down the storm water flows over roofs, across lawns, and down driveways, sidewalks, and roads before entering stormwater drains. The water entering those drains go directly to our water supply, along with all the dirt, debris, and chemicals it picked up along the way. In Schwenksville Borough, that water could contaminate the Perkiomen Creek and its tributaries.  Protect our water and natural areas by helping to reduce the contaminants in our stormwater.  Start with the following tips, and visit the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy http://www.perkiomenwatershed.org  and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection at http://www.depweb.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/water/6008 for more information.

  • Use the Montgomery County Household Hazardous Waste  Collection Program to dispose of hazardous household substances, such as      used motor oil, cleaning supplies, and paint.
  • Use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides properly to prevent excess runoff.
  • Pick up after pets and dispose of their waste properly.      If left in your backyard or at the park, pet waste can be carried into the      storm sewer system or a stream by stormwater runoff.
  • Instead of washing your car in your driveway, take it      to a car wash, where the water is treated and recycled.

Schwenksville Borough operates a municipal storm water system that is permitted by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection. The permit requires that the Borough:

  • Continue public education and outreach activities
  • Notify and solicit public input/involvement regarding      management of the system
  • Monitor, test and eliminate illicit discharges from      outfalls in the system
  • Control construction site stormwater runoff through      enforcement of ordinances
  • Ensure that all post-construction stormwater      improvements in new or re-developed areas are built as designed and are      operated and maintained properly
  • Implement a pollution prevention program for municipal  operations.

For more information or to provide public input please contact the Borough Manager at aklepfer@schwenksvilleborough-pa.org

Montgomery County Sponsored Recycling Events

Electronics Recycling

Electronics Collection events, Free Paper Shredding Events, Tire Collection Events and Household Hazardous Waste Events for 2014 have now been scheduled. For a complete list of events and details please view the following documents:


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Schwenksville Borough
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(610) 287-8098 Fax

Hours of Operation
M-Thursday 9 AM- 5 PM
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